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Metal or HDPE Lockers (High-density plastic) wide choice of models, sizes (width, height, depth) and colours. For all your commercial, industrial or institutional projects. 

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Sanik Group offers a wide range of lockers and storage spaces in the two most popular materials on the market: metal and HDPE.

The most popular lockers are without a doubt metal lockers which represent more than 90% of total locker sales on the market. The main reason is that the cost of acquiring metal racks is much lower than its counterpart in HDPE. On the other hand, HDPE racks have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs than metal ones. As such, we have prepared a summary table of the features of the two types of lockers so that you can make an informed choice.

Comparative Table of 2 types of materials used (lockers)

*Industry Average

Sanik offers lockers from two major manufacturers: ASI Group Canada (metal and HDPE) and General Storage Systems – GSS (metal).


Lockers are available in an impressive variety of standard colors. We can even offer metal lockers in the exact color of your choice, upon special order (additional fees and longer production times are to be expected).

Here is a chart of the basic colours for our different types of lockers from our manufacturers.

Our lockers come in banks of 1 to 6 lockers wide. A bank is a set of lockers assembled and delivered already attached to each other. As an example, for 53 adjacent lockers: we can install 8 banks of 6 lockers and another of 5 lockers that we will link together on site, OR 13 banks of 4 lockers with a single locker also to be linked on site. Banks of 4 lockers is a most popular option, as it allows for more efficient transport and consequently lower costs.

We also offer lockers with different tier options, the tier being the number of lockers per width from 12” to 18′.’

For more information on how to order your lockers, contact us at 450-646-1116 or by email at Our specialists will know how to assist you in choosing the right products for the realization of your project. 

Sanik Group, the best products at the best price, period!

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